For many people, the comfort is not one of the first things to think. When you decide to mount your TV on the wall, you think about where to connect the cables, the lighting, the type of wall, what kind of mounting, and anything else related with your TV screen. But the mounting height of your tv placement should be one of the most important issues. For most people watching TV means several hours of viewing and washing, that means that the viewer’s comfort is a very high priority.

The answer to what’s the correct height to place a TV is that there is no single answer. That is, it depends on a few different factors. So here are 3 factors that can help you decide the correct height of your television and create the perfect viewing experience by using the ideal viewing.

1. What is the Level of Your Eyes?

The first thing that we must take into account to mount our screen at a comfortable height is the focal point, the eye level when you are sitting. For a sitting position, the level of the eyes is usually 42 inches from the floor.

Image TV Wall Mounting Height



2. How do you watch television?

Another thing that you should take into account to determine your wall mounting height is how you watch television, what are your personal preference, whether you are always sitting, lying or standing in the moment you are watching tv.


3. What kind of brackets?

You should consider using tilt or full-motion mount to have better adjustment flexibility for your television and thus find the perfect angle.

Remember, you’re going to be looking at the center of the screen almost all the time, so try to keep the middle third of the screen within the height range that we discussed to get the best viewing angle. 

Crisp AV can help you find the ideal height to mount your TV – and do all the drilling, lifting and technical configuration for you, so you can simply sit back, relax and get ready to enjoy your TV. Simply Book an appointment now.


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