URC MX-780 Remote Control, Crisp Audio and Video, Inc.

The MX-780 Remote Control provides the reliability you need when controlling your entertainment system. Its gorgeous 1.46 OLED screen gives you a higher contrast ratio than LCD screens and uses less energy as well this means youll enjoy more vibrant and deeper color levels, especially in low light settings! URC has added a host of new color icons with modern sources for your installer to use when designing the layout and look of your MX-780 remote control.


Retail Price: $299.00

Installation*: $150.00

TOTAL: $449



Microprocessor: ARM7TDMI


Display: 1.46″ PMOLED (128 x 128)

RF Frequency: 418MHz

Weight: 8.5 oz. (with battery)

Size: 8.7″H x 2.2″W x 1.3″D

Batteries: Four AA Alkaline Batteries (included)

Battery Life: 18 Hours of continuous button pressing with backlighting and LCD ON (months of use for most users). Users should expect some variation based on the brand of alkaline batteries used.



URC MX-890 Remote Control, Crisp Audio and Video, Inc.This powerful-universal remote control will change everything for you and your family from the moment it arrives. Employing the latest in technology and ergonomic design, the MX-890 is equipped to handle virtually any application. Easily control every Audio and Video product you own-lighting, too. One touch puts you in complete command of everything. This beauty is strong enough to control the most robust entertainment or theater room, and versatile enough to allow you to select other rooms in house.


Retail Price: $499.00

Installation**: $150.00

TOTAL: $649




CPU: ARM 32-bit Cortex-M3 (72MHz)

Memory: 8Mbit SRAM, 64Mbit Flash

RF Frequency: 418MHz

Weight: 5.73 ounces (with battery loaded)

Size: 8.46″H x1.97″W x 1.02″ D

Batteries: Lithium Ion rechargeable battery included



Device Mobile App

MX-iOS MRX Kit Complete Kit for iDevice Control - CrispAV Inc

Transform your iPad ®, iPod ®, iPhone ®, Android Smart Phone or Tablet into your favorite AV controller! With this Kit, you can now turn your iDevices into friendly remote controls.


Retail Price: $599.00

Installation**: $150.00

TOTAL: $749



Provides everything you need to provide iDevice control of A/V systems

Includes: (1) URX MRX-1 Network Base Station, (1) CC Control Mobile App Setup Card, and (1) RFX-250 418 MHz RF Antenna

Works for: iPad®, iPod touch®, and iPhone®; or, Android® Smart Phone and Tablet products.

Allows for easy addition of any URC MX-Series RF 418 MHz remote control to
the system with included RFX-250

CC Control App requires a network connection to the local area network that is host to the URC MRX-2 product, is included in the system.

Please Note: Because of the wide variety of devices that can be controlled, this App requires an Authorized URC integration pro for programming and setup.



* Program the macro commands and install up to 3 devices on your Remote Control.
** Program the macro commands and install up to 5 devices on your System.

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MRX-2 Network Base Station

MRX-2 Network Base Station - CrispAV IncThe MRX-2 Network Base Station bridges the digital divide between control of clients legacy components and the IP network. Acting as a Total Control sub-base station, it receives commands from an MRX-10 and reissues them via IR, RS-232, or Relays. Each MRX-2 has the following: one relay, one sensor port, two RS-232 ports and 6 IR ports. The advanced connectivity of the MRX-2 allows it to connect to virtually any device or component.

For Complete Control products, the MRX-2 can also be installed independent of Total Control and operated by a smart phone or tablet using URCs CC Control Mobile App or Mobile App for Android, a MX-5000 or a KP-4000 (which are not compatible with Total Control).

*The MRX-1 and MRX-2 are essentially the same but the MRX-2 adds additional RS-232 capability including two-way communication with Network Series products.

The benefit of network control is that it provides lightning fast response time with 100% accuracy and absolutely no outside interruptions. The MRX-10 enhances that experience by enabling you to control virtually any type of component over the network, even if they’re not equipped with network technology.

  • Network: One 10/100 Ethernet port
  • Relay: One relay configurable to be NO, NC or Momentary
  • Sensor: One sensor supports Video or Voltage sensing via URC sensors.
  • RS-232: Two RS-232 ports support TX, RX and GND two way communication via URC cables.
  • IR: Six adjustable IR ports enable the included URC emitters to control IR devices Note: 6th IR Output requires the included sleeved emitter (identified by a pink connector), since it can optionally be used to connect an RFTX-1
  • Weight: 8.4 oz.
  • Size: 248 x 120mm x28mm
  • Power: 12V External Power Supply

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