A home theater system will bring magic and excitement to all your video entertainment. We can help you plan the right system for your room, with tips on choosing the type of system you want, speakers, audio electronics, and a TV. We’ll also cover the many entertainment sources and what you can expect from each.

To create an immersive home theater environment, you’ll want, at a minimum:

What we will do?


  • Conduct a pre-installation site survey upon arrival at your home.
  • Connect your newly purchased video components in 1 room.
  • Integrate up to 5 newly purchased components with existing and working components. (Includes: TV, Cable/Sat Box, DVD, Video Game units, A/V receiver, CD player, and similar components. Does not include: TiVo, Sling box or any networked-type video components.)
  • Set up speaker system to operate up to 7.1 surround sound system.
  • Verify that all speakers are properly positioned and working.
  • Ensure all wire and cables are neatly dressed.
  • Drill access holes as needed for wiring within cabinets. (Removable shelves only)
  • Program the basic functions of your remote controlled devices.
  • Clean up work area and remove debris.
  • Demonstrate operation of your new home theater.

Not Included:

  • Speaker mounting on wall or in wall.
  • Programming of universal-type learning remote.
  • Other holes drilled, wires hidden within walls or any type of custom in-wall wiring.

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