Software update adds clever functionality to the way you engage with music.

Sonos Adds New User-Friendly Features to its Music System Crisp Audio and Video, Inc..Sonos has made a name for itself as offering one of the easiest to use and enjoy wireless whole-house music systems on the market. The company also never stops innovating, creating new products and technologies to keep its offerings relevant and fresh for music lovers. Now, Sonos has enhanced its music system through a significant software update. The new update will make getting to your music easier and faster and will improve the quality of the audio reproduction.

Here are some of the key highlights:

  • Quick Control from iOS Lock Screen: See info about the track you’re listening to. Turn it up. Pause. Skip forward or back. All from your iPhone or iPad lock screen. No ‘unlock’ required.
  • Richer Sound for Rhapsody and Napster: Rhapsody and Napster now stream at higher bitrates, which means more vibrantly detailed sound.
  • Force Touch Nav: Got an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus? Use force touch and jump to any content in your Sonos app a lot faster than drilling down, screen by screen.
  • Double Your Fun with Split View and Slide Over: You can now open other apps right alongside Sonos by using the iOS features Split View and Slide Over. Use Split View to check music blogs while building a playlist, or Slide Over to fire up some tunes then get back to your emails.
  • Trueplay Tuning Simplified: We’ve simplified the tuning process to make it easier for Sonos owners to take full advantage of Trueplay. If you’ve already tuned your speaker with Trueplay and you haven’t moved it since, you won’t need to retune it after this update.Sound